Swiss Design. Mouth-Blown.

with more than 170 years of glass production experience.


All of our glasses are crafted from lead-free crystal. The glass is processed in such a way that they are balanced, light and durable. Multiple heating and cooling cycles, coupled with tempering the mouth will give you the highest quality of glass.


It requires 5 artisans to create a mouth-blown glass. Each of the production steps requires years of apprenticeship before being deemed experienced enough to create these glasses. Their ability to recreate a unique product with exceptionally similar tolerances and consistency is remarkable.


Our quality checks are meticulous and only the very best stems will make it into the customer's hands. All glasses that do not pass the inspections are 100% recycable without a loss in purity and quality.

The Timeline

History of Grassl Glass

  • 2019

  • Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

    Jun 26th Francesco Benvenuto orders Grassl Glasses for the one Michelin Star restaurant IGNIV by Andreas Caminada.

  • Casino Bern

    Jun 2nd Casino Bern becomes the first Hospitality business in Switzerland to place Grassl Glass in their various F&B outlets.

  • Thailand Distributor

    May 29th Clos Monopole becomes distributor for Grassl Glass in Thailand.

  • Singapore Distributor

    May 16th Bok and his Team agree to represent Grassl Glass with Fine Wines Singapore.

  • 10K Glasses Sold

    May 12th Grassl Glass number ten-thousand is sold.

  • Simon Maye et Fils: First in Switzerland

    Apr 13th Raphael Maye becomes the first Swiss winery to order Grassl Glasses.

  • Australia Distributor

    Mar 28th Lachlan Macdonald agrees to be official Grassl Glass distributor for Australia.

  • First French Restaurant

    Mar 27th Laurianne, owner of Le Maufoux, becomes the first restaurant in France to use Grassl Glass.

  • First French winery

    Mar 12th Jean Marc Roulot becomes the first winemaker to order personalised Grassl “Liberté” for his tasting room.

  • Korean Distributor

    Feb 13th Fine wine merchant, Hakgyun Kim, agrees to become Grassl Glass distributor in Korea.

  • Lodovico Antinori #1 in Italy

    Feb 28th Lodovico becomes the first winery in Italy to order Grassl Glass. He placed an order for Liberté and 1855.

  • Denmark Distributor

    Jan 29th Lars Andersson agrees to become exclusive distributor of Grassl Glass in Denmark with his wine company “Les Terroirs du Vin”.

  • USA Launch

    Jan 26th Launch on Wine Berserkers day. Christopher Freemott sets the bar very high with >1500 glasses sold.

  • First feature in Magazine “The Gentlemens Journal”

    Jan 24th “How to decant wine, according to a top collector” where Grassl Glass is first feature in a magazine. Click the link to article.

  • 2018

  • Bordeaux Trip

    Dec 10th - Dec 12th Testing of the glasses with winemakers, Technical directors and owners. Oliver Campadieu (Château Palmer), Pauline Vauthier (Château Ausone) and others.

  • First Discussion with Jean Marc Roulot

    Nov 12th At an Event in the French Embassy, Jean-Marc made his first comments on the Liberté prototype. As a result, proportions of the glass were slightly changed.

  • Prototyping Phase

    Dec 12th First Delivery of final shapes
    Nov 15th Final decisions of changes on the prototype glasses
    Oct 17th First Prototype glasses produced
    Oct 10th First Prototype Sketches on the computer

  • 2012 - 2017

  • The search for the ideal wine glasses continues. Initial ideas for purpose built wine glasses begin to form.